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Hi world internet gang, Thanks for coming by my Sugarsite.. come back again soon! From Brooklyn N.Y, USA.. to Linkoping southern Sweden...to St. Petersburg Russia... Rio de Janerio Brazil... to Tombstone Arizonia USA.. so many sites of yours I've visited and each home page is as different.. colorful.. and unique as you are yourself. Since I bought my web TV a year ago I've been all over the world on my surf board in cyberspace. I'm constantly surprised how much you share of your interesting lives and how generous you are with your talents of poetry..music..graphic arts..knowledge of computers.. sewing.. greeting cards.. cooking and anything else a person can think of! My store right now is starting out with my movie-video RAMA. I intend to add other momentos of Hollywood.. Theater-Cabaret.. and N.Y Fashion from time to time. If I have enough requests for certain souvenirs like photos, autographs, and posters these may be added. ..'till next time.. see ya on the web. Join the mailing list and e mail me anytime.




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Full price: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Alaska, Hawaii..US Priority Mail $25 US

Full price: Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, rest of world.. US Global Mail $30 US

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