16 minutes of beautiful sound.. color.. dance..ocean..forest..wild life. .. a video you will view time after time. The poetry and 'space music' will haunt you and memorable images take you to another plane of imagination. Rama video is a beautiful sensual cine poem about a mythological sea goddess, born to spend just one day on earth. She learns to use every sense.. to see..to hear..to touch..to smell..and to taste.. and to enjoy each to its fullest. She begins to experience emotion.. friendships with her companions in nature.. the sea creatures.. wood creatures.. flowers and birds.

Her experiences introduce her to life, love, fear, and death. These experiences are complimented by eight original poems by Sugar Cain. The poems.. "Eternal".."Sun God".."The Whale and the Ostrich".."Light".."Night Bird".."Twins".."Hermit"..and "To Rama with Love". The 'space music' uses harp, bassoon, oboe, and electronics..described by the press as "a tasteful cinematic tone poem".Ted Nemeth, world renowned camera man created a new color photography technique of filters to get the poetic pastel water-color softness needed to tell the classic story of "RAMA". Mr. Nemeth was nominated for academy awards.. won first prizes at Brussells.. Oberhausen.. and Venice Film Festivals..worked for years on special effects for Radio City Music Hall in New York City


awarded and recognized by museums throughout the world. His black and white "Finnegans Wake" was acclaimed a masterpiece."The ideas for 'RAMA' emanated from a philosophy of life that had to be communicated" explains Sugar Cain. .."First came the mood or essence..then the story". She wished to carry the viewer into the remembered simplicity of being alive.. as..is a child when he if first observing life around him. The super sensuality of one in tune with nature is brought to the audience from all sides.

The celestial music.. the rhythmic iambic poetry..the patterns of movement and color.. the new technique of color 'mood' photography.. all are deliberately designed to transport the mind into a sea of universal thought. The sea nymph lives with every breath in total dedication of every cell.. one day on earth to experience all. The movement is dance-pantomime choreographed as 'stylized naturalism'. The nymph moves, touches, even listens as if a creature both mortal and divine. We are reminded of the goddess Psyche. While 'RAMA' is not based on any mythological tale, because of approach and subject matter, we feel as if we are watching a Greek or Roman Classic. review by Tayler

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