Sugar is a true 'cross over' performer..having worked in Radio, TV, Movies, Theatre, and Cabaret. Her restless nature and adventurous spirit welcoms the new challange and the new city to conquer. "A performer should always be ready for ANY change and circumstance! Keep your toothbrush and mascara always in your purce ready to go anyplace...anytime" Sugar advises young actresses "Theatre and Cabaret require an entirely different time schedule than Movies. Theatre and Cabaret are night jobs...Movies can be anytime..but most often start at a reporting time of 4 or 5 in the very early morning. In Theatre you are there night after night saying and doing the same things. In making movies, once its done on film it is never repeated again. You must always look fresh and natural..even if the director requests the scene be done time after time until that director is satisfied with the results. Radio is another must be good at both cold script reading and ad lib (talking without a script). There's tremendous work an actor can do on his own with just a simple tape recorder" (Sugar from her book "Sugar's Sweet Life") The biggest mistake made by starting actors?? Sugar says "They should try to be more objective about themselves and not be hurt or insulted if told they are not 'right' for the part. NO actor can play EVERY part. They may have the capability but there are physical limitations when you work professionally"

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